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Picking Out the Perfect Golf Club
Most people love golf. After all golf is one of the most popular sports in America. Many people get into golf every year and after playing golf a few times, decide to purchase a set of clubs. Her [Read Article]

Golf at its Best
Arguably, the most coveted victory in professional golf is the presentation of the green jacket to the winner at the Masters Tournament. This year the tournament will be held April 3-9 and, as alwa [Read Article]

Beginning Golf Instruction tips: Getting a feel for the approach shot
After mastering the concept of the tee shot, the next step as a golf instruction beginner is to move on to the short game and what are known as approach shots. For most people, these shots will be i [Read Article]

The Limey Revolution
With most people these days focusing on the head and the grip of the club, it seems logical that what joins the two is just as, if not more important than anything else. For the last decade Graman (on [Read Article]

Get In Shape For Golf
Now when most people think of golf, physical exertion hardly comes to mind. But we all know that a round of 18 holes can really take its toll on the body and the mind. While I am no expert on golf fit [Read Article]

The Benefits Of Customized Golf Clubs
There are an infinite number of excuses in golf for hitting a bad shot, but few sound more irrational than blaming your clubs. But in some cases, blaming a bad shot on your clubs may not be ridiculous [Read Article]

Do You Always Have to Buy from the Ladies' Golf Section?
When you’re growing up as a young female golfer, it’s exciting to go into the sports store or browse on the Internet and find the products and accessories that are just right for a girl’s game. Bu [Read Article]

A Wonderful Game-Golf
The golf ball has undergone many upgrades and enhancements throughout its long life. There are four distinct stages in the evolution of the golf ball: Wooden [Read Article]

How golf is played
The game of golf was first played in Scotland some 400 yrs ago. Players are required to hit a ball, using a wooden or iron club, from a smooth level point or “teeing ground”, down the “fairway”, and [Read Article]

Golf accessories of golf
Golf accessories: Some people use special golf carts carry their Golf equipments, clubs and other equipments are carried in [Read Article]

Gold full hand swing
You would have obviously heard about the gold full hand swing. The swing plays a very important role while playing golf. It deiceds the destiny of the golf ball [Read Article]

Golf instruction is the vital key to lower scores
A few weeks ago, as part of a press trip to see European Ryder Cup star Colin Montgomerie in action, Monty gave an impromptu golf instruction lesson to gathered journalists at Northwick Park golf club [Read Article]

History Of Golf Balls
1. Until the early17th century, People used wooden balls for playing golf. Then the Featherie ball was invented. A Featherie is a hand sewn cowhide bag stuffed with goose feathers and coated with pain [Read Article]

Rules and regulations of golf
We all know that without rules and regulations there is no game. Every game has its own rules and regulations. The rules of golf {2} {3} are internationally standardized and are jointly governed by [Read Article]

Golf shafts of Golf
Introduction: Golf shafts are used between the grip and the “club head” golf shaft is circular in shape an [Read Article]

Love to Golf? Do It In Costa Rica!
Costa Rica is fast becoming a major golf attraction and only promises to grow in this direction over the next few years. Today, golf is still a new attraction in this majestic Caribbean country but it [Read Article]

An introduction to Golf for the Adult beginner.
Every day more and more people are taking it up for the first time. I was once a beginning golfer myself and I remember the frustrations of learning the swing and playing well. And that was with a Gol [Read Article]

How to Have a Better Golf Swing
If you've been searching for how to have a better golf swing then Mike Pedersen's Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is a must read. After reading Mike's book I was amazed at how much your fitness level dire [Read Article]

Small Engine;Understanding The Benefits of Repowering
Many people who are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of small engines or appliances – particularly golf cart engines - are beginning to realize the benefits of repowering the engine, ra [Read Article]

Information about Golf bags
Till some years ago, the game of golf was popular mainly among a selected few, comprising the elite class of society. Things have changed tremendously over the last few years. There are various acce [Read Article]

A brief description about golf bags
Playing golf with all the needed accessories like the golf bag, attire, shoes, clubs and balls is a true luxury. Golf is a game to be played in vast green grasslands below and the big bright blue sk [Read Article]

Discover Classic Mountain Golf at Pole Creek
Elevate your golf game and your spirit. Pole Creek Golf Club is everything a Colorado mountain golf course should be. Stunning alpine views, drastic elevation changes, cool clear mountain air and th [Read Article]

How To Correct a Golf Slice
For a golf slice to happen, two conditions must be present. Firstly, the club face is open when it hit the golf ball. Secondly, the golf club travels a out-to-in path. In other words, the golf club c [Read Article]

Golf Training Aids - The Lowdown
A recent online poll asking golfers how many golf training aids they had used revealed some interesting facts. 32% of the respondents said they had never used a golf training aid. And fully 68% of [Read Article]

More Golf Tips To Lower Your Score

Here are some golf driving tips to make your game better. Take a tip out to the range and see what it does for your game off the tee.

Finish towards the target. Pick a spot on the grou [Read Article]

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Bush calls for offshore drilling
President Bush asks the US Congress to end a ban on offshore oil drilling, as fuel prices rise up the political agenda.

Mbeki in Zimbabwe mediation push
South Africa's president meets Zimbabwe's leader and opposition head amid concerns over violence ahead of next week's poll.

Spain and SA 'backed coup plot'
Spain and South Africa "gave the green" light for a failed coup in Equatorial Guinea, a British mercenary tells a court.

Israel agrees to Gaza ceasefire
Israel's government approves a ceasefire with militant group Hamas following months of bitter clashes in the Gaza Strip.

Anti-Taleban operation launched
Nato and Afghan forces launch an operation to drive Taleban insurgents from Kandahar's outskirts.