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• Using Color To Change The Size Of Your Bedroom by Lee Dobbins
Did you ever wish your bedroom was bigger or smaller? Well if you don’t have enough money to change the actual size of the room, then you can use paint to make the bedroom seem bigger or smaller. [Read Article]

• Use A Wallpaper Border For A Budget Backsplash by Lee Dobbins
You can add some splash to your kitchen without spending a lot of money by applying a simple wallpaper border for a backsplash. You can get a pretty good bargain on borders in the closeout bin a [Read Article]

• How to protect stone floors from staining by Edward Green
We are working almost daily with stain removal from natural stone surfaces. In fact I would say that in some instances we visit the same house more than 3 times in as many months. Stains in stone [Read Article]

• Fire Hazard Alert - is your Dryer ready to Ignite by Donald Grummett
In recent years there has been many stories about dryers catching on fire. Should we be concerned? Yes of course. We should take seriously anything that may put our family at risk. Was the [Read Article]

• Framing--the Backbone of your Log Cabin by Jack Hudson
Framing--the Backbone of your Log Cabin Framing is the structural skeleton of your house. The drawing at the top indicates the important framing members of any of the cottages. The most importa [Read Article]

• Locating and Installing a Water Source by Jack Hudson
Log Cabin Building Tip: Locating and Installing a Water Source for your Log Cabin Water is one of the most important things that you will need for your camp. It can be the hardest or the easies [Read Article]

• Supplying Water to your Cabin with a Driven Well by Jack Hudson
Perhaps the cheapest type of well to construct is a driven well. However, its use is limited to locations where the ground is free from layers of heavy rock. Such a well consists of a well point, [Read Article]

• Concrete Cutting - Adding a Pre-Cast Concrete Stairway Bulkhead to your Home
Installing a pre-cast concrete stairway to your home's basement is actually quite an easy project for the advanced do-it-yourselfer or anyone that can coordinate a couple of sub contractors. Doing so [Read Article]

• Venetian Blinds
Despite the popular perception otherwise, Venetian blinds actually initially were not crafted and created in the Venice, Italy, but Venetian blinds were discovered (some would say stolen) by Venetia [Read Article]

• Shower Walls - Problems and Solutions
Showers can be a problem area for many householders. Although it will look pristine when new, a shower cubicle or over bath shower area can start to deteriorate and look shabby after a few years of us [Read Article]

• The Benefits Of Wooden Flooring
They're affordable and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They're easy to install and maintain. They add value to your home, and maintain their value over time. They're versatile enough to b [Read Article]

• Roller Blinds
What makes the roller blind the most popular window blind around today ? Is it because they are the value for money window treatment or is there anything else in it. There is not doubt they do provide [Read Article]

• Choosing A New Floor
Is it time to give that tired kitchen floor a face lift? Are you looking for just the right finishing touch for your new living room? The floor you choose can brighten a dark room, make a small one ap [Read Article]

• Choosing Blinds For Damp Atmospheres
There are some important things to consider when choosing window blinds for the kitchen and bathroom. The conditions in these rooms vary somewhat from the rest of the house, so it is important that ca [Read Article]

• Kitchen and Bathroom Blinds
There are some important considerations when treating kitchen and bathroom windows. With the unique conditions that exist in these rooms it is important to choose blinds that suit. This article looks [Read Article]

• NATURGRESS products certified for eco-building
Naturgress porcelain floor tiles have received the prestigious ANAB certification mark, which identifies the materials approved to be used in bioecological architecture. A seal of quality reserved fo [Read Article]

• Choosing Window Frames
There are three main types of material used to manufacture window frames for double-glazing. These are aluminium, PVC-u and wood. These are also vinyl-coated and fibreglass frames, but for simplicity [Read Article]

• Draught Proofing Your Home
This article takes a look at a number of ways of preventing or reducing draughts in your home. There are areas we look at are doors, windows and double-glazing, garage doors and finally some of the fu [Read Article]

• Georgian and Victorian Conservatory Design
Georgian architecture was the style of the 18th century, especially from the reign of King George I who ascended the throne in 1711, into the reign of King George IV. Design and architecture of the Ge [Read Article]

• Hot Tub Parties
Casual Hot Tub Parties People are continually looking for fun, easy and relaxing ways of having a party or other gathering for their friends. Obviously, there are a whole host of ways in which a ni [Read Article]

• Choosing Conservatory Blinds
The cost of furnishing a conservatory can catch many people out, in fact it can often cost more than the conservatory itself. Conservatory Blinds can be very expensive so it is important to know what [Read Article]

• Selecting Replacement Windows
Windows are the eyes of a home. From inside, you see the outside world through them. It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. For a home, you can gain a sense of its character by ex [Read Article]

• Laminate Flooring Advantages
Durability Because it's designed with a tough and durable wear layer, laminate flooring is much stronger than most installed solid hardwood flooring, carpets and vinyls, it's more resistant to scra [Read Article]

• How To Care For Your Encaustic Tiled Floor
If your tiled floor is in an Edwardian property and beautifully coloured you are probably looking at an Encaustic tiled floor. Most of the encaustic tiled floors we restore have had a real beating. Sm [Read Article]

• Three Ways to Add Charm and Style to Your Kitchen
I like decorating my kitchen with a cozy, warm, inviting, homey feeling to it. Usually I'm fighting for all the space I can get in my kitchen too. If you'd like to try this style yourself, you need ad [Read Article]

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US President Barack Obama says the Senate's delay in passing his economic stimulus bill is "inexcusable and irresponsible".

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EU spars with Russia over rights
Russia and the EU trade accusations over human rights abuses, at their first high-level talks since the gas dispute.

Hudson pilot talks of 'disbelief'
The pilot of a plane which ditched in a New York river gives his first interview, telling of the moment he realised the plane was going down.