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How to test for the Javascript DOM? by Riaan Pieterse
Browsing the forums, development articles and other resource sites raised an interesting yet recurring question: "How do I test for the Document Object Model (DOM) employed by a browser?". Strange [Read Article]

Javascript Password Protection
The protection of web pages using a password comes up earlier or later while developing your site. The most secure way is to implement PHP, ASP or other advanced web programming languages. In this tut [Read Article]

How to test for the Javascript DOM?
Browsing the forums, development articles and other resource sites raised an interesting yet recurring question: "How do I test for the Document Object Model (DOM) employed by a browser?". Strangely [Read Article]

Validating Numerical Input with JavaScript
What? Make a mistake entering data? Who me? NO WAY! Right… Every form of data input by a user should be validated in some form or fashion. If you get clean data in, you won’t get garbage out. T [Read Article]

Instant plug-in scripts that help you profit... "Special offer expiry date with a twist"
How would you like to add an irresistible sense of urgency to any of your online offers... instantly? I thought so! What I've go for you here is the perfect answer in the form of a special pie [Read Article]

Javascript Basics 01
JavaScript adds simple or sophisticated interactivity to a Web site, enhancing the user's experience. Like any programming language, you need to understand the building blocks before you can start pro [Read Article]

Javascript; Browser Detection and Page Redirection
A recent project was developed using Internet Explorer 5.5 as the browser of choice. Aware of browser incompatibilities, viewing the web page using three other commonly used browsers, Internet Expl [Read Article]

Ask Mr. D - JavaScript
Dear Mr. D, I have noticed several websites that have a sale's message that scrolls across their title bar. Another site I visited had a sale's message scrolling across the status bar. These [Read Article]

Grow Your Subscribers Exponentially With These Javascript E-mail Capture Boxes!
Here's an exciting pop-up tactic that can literally boost the no. of opt-ins from your existing traffic. In fact the first one to use this tactic is by the very successful list management/autorespo [Read Article]

Some Useful JavaScript Tricks
JavaScript can be one of the most useful additions to any web page. It comes bundled with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator and it allows us to perform field validations, mouse-ove [Read Article]

Validating Form Input in JavaScript
This time we'll make a form that collects information about the visitor at your site. You must have filled-in copious registration forms or survey forms where you had to enter your name, your email [Read Article]

Using External JavaScript Files
When you have lots of JavaScript functions and you plan to use them on many web pages, it is always advisable to keep them in a separate file, and then include that file on every page where those f [Read Article]

Dirty Web Promotion Tricks #1 - Legitimate and Malicious Javascripts
One of the best way to get visitors to further explore your site is to convince them to set your home page as their Internet start page, or for them to add you their "Favorites". In this article, we'l [Read Article]

Guide to creating simple chromeless popup windows.
Popup windows - hate 'em or love 'em; they are a constant companion during our Internet surfing. They can be quite useful, especially the chromeless variety. A chromeless popup window is one that d [Read Article]

Spice Up Your Web Site with JavaScript
JavaScript is a scripting language designed for use within a web page and/or on a web server. It is used to create special effects within a web page. Elements such as links, images and forms can [Read Article]

Make your website scream with excitement with Java!
Several years ago, Java was introduced. It was slow. Now, computers have beefed up, the internet is a lot faster, and Java is a serious language. It can lower costs, and REALLY get people talking [Read Article]

JavaScript Express
Have you seen the website when you surf on the Internet some looping statements and encoded in a webpage document? If yes, what type of scripting language is that will help develop your personal web [Read Article]

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Voice Overs Help To Make Your Company Look More Successful

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Voice Over the Internet Protocol

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How To Choose A Good Hotel

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Contemporary Kitchens Custom Design Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens
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Building A Successful Rail Career

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Breaking Into The Rail Industry In The United Kingdom And Europe

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