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Top Seven Tips for Back-to-School Success By John Bishop

Parents play a critical role in their child’s success. These seven tips from explain how t [Read Article]

10 Steps to School Year Success By Katie Basson

One of the most important aspects of parenting, is ensuring that your child gets a good education. School is a place where your child not only learns skills such as reading and writing; it is [Read Article]

The Importance of Mothers By Rexanne Mancini

Moms, did you ever question your value as a role model, caretaker, administer of hugs and Band-Aids? I think we all ha [Read Article]

Back to School Feng Shui By Kathryn Weber

Every school year parents and students dutifully trudge through the malls in search of the perfect sneaker or the cool new outfit for the coming school year. However, it’s unlikely that the new [Read Article]

Top 10 Ways to Motivate Your Student By John Bishop

As the new school year begins, parents play a pivotal role in their child’s success. Here are 10 tips for motivating your student from

1. Stress "I’ll M [Read Article]

Want To Further Your Children's Studies? By Michele Lum

Being in a competitive world, the lowest qualification to secure a good job is a degree. However, a degree subject may be perceived as too general and the acquisition of a specialist skill throug [Read Article]

7 Ways to Survive the Start of the School Year By Katie Basson

It happens every year. Just when you are settled in to the lazy days of summer, you are startled to find Back to School catalogs in your mailbox and bikinis going on sale in favor of turtlenecks [Read Article]

End Homework Battles By Katie Basson

Ask parents what their biggest school year challenge is, and you’ll likely hear that it is the difficulty they face in getting their kids to do homework. With so many other attractive ways for k [Read Article]

How to Stop Bad Behavior Before it Starts By Katie Basson

Coping with a child’s bad behavior, perhaps more than any other aspect of parenting, can cause stress, family disfunction, and a general loss of harmony in your home. Over time, negative behavio [Read Article]

Teaching Children Good Manners By Rexanne Mancini
Last week in my newsletter, I mentioned that my children knew how to behave in nice restaurants because they had been exposed to the atmosphere at an early age. My idea of well behaved might be diff [Read Article]

The Better Behavior Wheel - A New Kind of Calm in the Family By Gina Ritter

There's a new kind of fun and calm out there in the name of the Better Behavior Wheel, invented by Julie Butler and her family in central British Columbia. In an interesting twist on chart [Read Article]

How Two Quarelling Kids Helped Invent the Better Behavior Wheel By Julie Butler

When David was nine and Laura was twelve, the battles started.

Prior to that, they got along great. Laura was always protective of her little brother, and he in turn, doted [Read Article]

The 411 on Natural Colic Remedies By Jacqueline Courtiol, M.A. Ed.

Any parent whose baby has suffered from colic can tell you that colic is one of the most excruciating experiences ever imaginable. Nothing is worse than seeing one’s baby in pain and not being a [Read Article]

New Mom...New Baby...New Debt? By Susan Koiner

Ah, there is nothing like being an expectant mom. Along with your expanding waistline comes the ever growing list of products for you and your new bundle of joy. Preparing for a new baby can be [Read Article]

Vision: 20/20 Is Not Enough! By Fran Santoro Hamilton

Now is an excellent time to have your child's vision checked. Don't be too quick to say, "My child's vision is fine: 20/20!" In many cases that is not enough.

The Snellen chart, the instrum [Read Article]

Assertiveness: Key to Better Parenting By Pat

I have always been aware of my number one weakness: non-assertiveness. But I have come a long way from the time when I couldn't say 'no' to a child molester and not understanding the importanc [Read Article]

For School Success, Don't Coddle Your Kids By Fran Santoro Hamilton

Parents want their children to succeed in school. However, sometimes their best intentions are misguided. Attempts to provide children with a wonderful life can, in fact, increase the stress of t [Read Article]

The Benefits of Music Education By Tony Bancroft

Despite serious reductions in funding for arts progra [Read Article]

If your child is being bullied - 20 top tips for parents By Derek Randel

Keith is now in the fourth grade and he dislikes school. For a fourth
grader, this does not sound right. The reason Keith dislikes school
[Read Article]

Boundaries - Why They're Needed By Derek Randel

Imagine a child who lacks ownership of his own life, has no
self-control, and lacks respect for others. If these were the qualities of
your son, how would you feel for his future wives?
[Read Article]

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[Read Article]

Summer Survival By Amy Allen Clark

Summer Survival [Read Article]

Nail Biting Basics By Christopher J. Henry

Nail biting in all its various forms is problematic behavior beset by peculiarity and contradiction. [Read Article]

The Legend and Charm of The Tooth Fairy By Nancy Wurtzel

The legend and myth of the Tooth Fairy is a delightful part of our modern family culture. Kids dream about receiving a special gift or money from this charming, magical fairy. Adults fondly [Read Article]

Parenting Skills - Five Ways To Turbo-Boost Your Confidence By Frank McGinty

The 'phone conversation had nothing at all to do with parenting - but it made me think . . .

"Hello, Eastbank Football Club. Can I help you?"
"Good morning, may I speak with the Assist [Read Article]

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India seeks higher-value outsourcing work

Indian companies are flattering to become the foremost player in the International arena. They are hiring assertively in the United State, thereby reversing the former trend of transferring the Indians to work in America on the basis of fleeting visas. There is a latest trend across the India, [ Read Article]


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President Bush argued that his plan to begin gradually withdrawing some troops from Iraq was a ?return on success? that could be squandered by deeper and speedier reductions.

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Northern Rock?s need for emergency funding represents a broadening of the effects of the global financial crisis.

Weekend Explorer: Paths of Resistance in the East Village
The East Village has been dragged up-market, but isn?t going without a fight.

China to Free Jailed New York Times Employee
A Chinese research assistant for The Times served three years in prison on a conviction that sparked outrage.

Date for Bhutto?s Return to Pakistan Announced
Benazir Bhutto, an exiled former prime minister, will return to Pakistan on Oct. 18, her party said today.

Putin Nominee for Premier Confirmed
Viktor A. Zubkov, President Vladimir V. Putin?s little-known choice for prime minister, was confirmed by Parliament today.