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3 Simple Steps For A Healthier Dog by Jim De Fazio
We all want what is best for our pet. Yet sometimes because of your hectic schedules, we tend to put our dog’s care at the bottom of the list or it just becomes a habit of chores we perform every da [Read Article]

The Basics of Caring For Your Puppy by Amy Howells
Potty Training Your Puppy: Make sure you feed your dog at regular times every day as this makes bathroom breaks regular as well. Feed your puppy 2-3 times a day. As soon as he is finished eating, [Read Article]

Dog Safety by Jessica Mercier
Summer is coming and more and more people are putting the tops down on their convertibles, letting their dogs get fresh air out of an open automobile window, or letting the dear dog ride in the back [Read Article]

Tips for Introducing Two Cats by Kathy Burns-Millyard
Adding a new member to your feline family is usually more exciting for you than your current cat. Even though they are solitary by nature, most cats eventually learn to accept or at least tolerate n [Read Article]

Is RecoveryPets.Com All That Its Cracked Up To Be?
Many pet owners will say no to this question, but that is only until their pet is lost, and it is found five miles down the road by a total stranger that has no idea how to contact the pet owner. So t [Read Article]

Foxtail Grass Dangerous to Dogs
REQUIREMENTS FOR REPRINT: You have permission to publish this article free of charge in your e-zine, newsletter, ebook, print publication or on your website ONLY if it remains unchanged and you i [Read Article]

Five Things you Should Know About Boston Terriers
1.Bostons love to snuggle and cuddle. They want to sit in your lap if they are on the floor. If they’re already in your lap, they want to curl around your neck or burrow into your chest. 2.Just beca [Read Article]

The 5 Things You Should Know Before Breeding Cats
The cat population is astronomical. Most experts agree that average cat owners should spay their cat, not breed. Still there are people who want to have a litter from their pet. But there’s a lot to t [Read Article]

Dog Crate Buyer's Guide- How to choose the right crate and accessories
Why use a crate: When used properly and not abused, crates are the fastest and most humane method of housebreaking dogs. Dogs are den animals that will instinctively seek out a small, cozy place to [Read Article]

Female Dog Care
As there are certain health issues that affect only the female dog, care should be taken to ensure that these are fully understood before deciding whether or not to buy a bitch. The most important [Read Article]

Your Guide to Cat Breeds"
For the first 8,000 years of their relationship with humans, cats pretty much took care of their own breeding. People kept them for one purpose - hunting rodent - and they are already perfectly design [Read Article]

4 Ways In Which You Can Spoil Your Dog Rotten
4 Ways In Which You Can Spoil Your Dog Rotten by Mark Eckenrode You spoil your pooch as close to rotten as you can get, don’t you? Hey, who doesn’t? It’s almost impossible not to, with those ador [Read Article]

4 Things Frustrated Dog Owners Should Know
4 Things Frustrated Dog Owners Should Know by Mark Eckenrode You’ve probably had a day or two when you felt like your dog just wasn’t paying any attention to you at all, right? You talked, you ye [Read Article]

Avoiding A Traumatic Experience
Taking simple steps to protect our families from going through the “TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE OF HAVING A LOST PET” can be as easy as registering your pet with an online service like RecoveryPets.Com. The [Read Article]

3 Tips For Dealing With Dog Emergencies
3 Tips For Dealing With Dog Emergencies by Mark Eckenrode Have you ever thought about what you need to do should your dog – or another dog – ever suffer a serious, life-threatening injury? What i [Read Article]

"How To Keep Your Cat Healthy - Your Guide to Cat Diseases and Conditions, and How to Cure Them"
Even with the best care, cats can become ill. Sometimes this means a simple "kitty cold," at other times the disease might have a more lasting or even fatal result. The following are some of the more [Read Article]

"How to Care for Your Kitten"
Caring for a kitten is a lot of work. With her high energy and intense curiosity and sense of adventure, raising a kitten will keep you on your toes. Careful attention during the first year of life wi [Read Article]

If you are thinking of adding a feline to your family, consider adopting a cat from your local animal shelter or humane society. The animals have been carefully screened for adoptability and have usua [Read Article]

5 Tips For Feeding A Happy, Healthy Dog
5 Tips For Feeding A Happy, Healthy Dog by Mark Eckenrode Do you really know all there is to know about your canine companion’s nutritional needs? Many pet owners think they’re doing what’s best [Read Article]

4 Ways In Which You Can Show Your Dog How Much You Love Him
4 Ways In Which You Can Show Your Dog How Much You Love Him by Mark Eckenrode Do you have at least one framed photo of your dog somewhere in your house... or maybe in your wallet? Is your dog pre [Read Article]

At some time or another even the sweetest cat "misbehaves." Ironically, a cat's bad act is usually quite normal behavior for her, but may have a result humans don't like or want. Screaming at the ca [Read Article]

"How to Teach YOUR Cat to Use a Litter Box - Secrets to Litter Tray Success"
Even the most dedicated cat lover has little patience with a cat that doesn't use its litter box. Yet, patience is the key to creating litter box success. A positive introduction when young, and simpl [Read Article]

Dog Breeding
So you have a female pedigree dog with papers, you want to make some extra cash, so you think you'll go ahead and mate her with a stud so she'll breed and have some puppies. Not so easy! Proper breedi [Read Article]

Canine Joint Disease
Joint disease can be a problem faced by many dogs. Hip dysplasia is the most common that people are familiar with as a cause of rear limb lameness. Its front limb counterpart is elbow dysplasia. E [Read Article]

Adopting A Pet Pomeranian
If you are looking for a toy dog that is intelligent, curious, lively and cuddly, then the Pomeranian could be the dog for you! Before you enter into dog ownership of any breed, however, you must ask [Read Article]

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How-to Know What Your Teenager Does on the Computer

Do you ever wonder what your teenager does on the computer? You want to know and that is why you set out to find a way to track his computer habits. Yes, it does seem sneaky, but it is best to be knowledgeable and stop any harmful habits. Plus, it may not be your teenager who is at fault, but he cou[ Read Article]

The Number One Biggest Mistake Is Not Having A Clear Property Investment Strategy

Whenever I get asked by anyone how to invest in property, I respond with a series of questions: • What are your financial aims? In other words what are you after? Are you seeking an income, capital or both? There is a big difference between wanting to retire in 2 years so you can live o[ Read Article]


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Karzai issues warning to Pakistan
Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he is ready to send troops over the border into Pakistan to confront militants.

Million flee south Chinese floods
Flooding in southern China kills at least 55 people and forces more than a million to flee their homes, the government says.

Bush arrives for two-day UK visit
George W Bush arrives in the UK on what is expected to be his final European tour as US president.

Fears over nuclear weapon plans
An ex-UN arms inspector says a smuggling ring acquired blueprints for an advanced nuclear weapon, a newspaper reports.

Kosovo moves to terminate UN rule
A new constitution comes into force in Kosovo, handing power to ethnic Albanian authorities after nine years of UN rule.