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Where is your website? Why is it invisible? We can help you be seen.
The Questions Its amazing how many businesses have spent good money on website design and still are getting little or no return on this investment. Try answering these simple questions. How much [Read Article]

Google Page Rank Is Dead - Part III
Google Page Rank Is Dead - Part III By: Martin Lemieux HELP! My PR page rank is grey, call the development doctor. As the world of Google is turning a mile a minute these days, some really big cha [Read Article]

Seven daft things not to do to your website
1. Splash pages Most of the time splash pages are uncalled for. There are only a handful of reasons why you may ever need to use a splash page on your website but these reasons don’t seem to apply [Read Article]

Creative Search Engine Optimization – A Case Study
Search engine optimization this and search engine optimization that. You read and hear about it all day, but what about your site? While there are plenty of articles providing useful information, this [Read Article]

Buying Textlinks: the Latest SEO Craze
With search engine algorithms changing seemingly daily, the quest to rank high in the search engines and stay there is proving to be quite the challenge for most webmasters. One of the more recent pop [Read Article]

PPC search engines are ok: what about their partners?
Pay per click search engines are one of the most effective ways to drive targeted customers to your web site. I’m sure you know them already. If you are serious about your internet business (and I’m s [Read Article]

What is Pay Per Call? How does it work?
Pay Per Call is the next wave of advertising on the Internet. Similar to a Pay – Per –Click advertising. Pay Per Call has a lot more to offer and a wider audience in mind. The Pay-Per Call (PP-Call) i [Read Article]

More Links, Better Ranking in Search Engines!
You have a great full content of web site that you have submitted the URL to every search engines available. Your web site's META tags are also completed with descriptions, keyword and robot instructi [Read Article]

Analyzing Web Traffic
Analyzing your web traffic statistics can be an invaluable tool for a number of different reasons. But before you can make full use of this tool, you need to understand how to interpret the data. [Read Article]

How MSN and Yahoo Sells Your Traffic
By Nicholas Dixon The Island Marketer Yes, it really happens. Now you might find it hard to believe but you will understand after I explain. Prior to late 2004, Google undisputedly ruled the s [Read Article]

DO WHAT I TELL YOU OR YOU WEB SITE WILL NEVER BE FOUND! By: Rich Brunelle Over the past year I have often joked that Search Engines dictating how web sites are built. And, now I look at it with [Read Article]

Why Is Directory Linkage Important?
Why Is Directory Linkage Important? By: Rich Brunelle When you look at Site Statistics for your web site, what do you see? Do you see only a Hit and Pages Viewed count? Or, do you see Incoming Lin [Read Article]

How to Avoid Website Downtime That Can Affect Your Search Engine Listings
If your web pages are down — even momentarily — it can hurt you several ways. Learn why, and what to do to make sure your pages are visible the maximum amount of time. The Internet has changed the [Read Article]

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies
Lets face it. Search Engines rule the World Wide Web today. Anytime you want to look up some information or a product you want to buy, you put the relevant keyword in the search field of a major SE li [Read Article]

8 ways to build a really bad web site for Search Engines
Some web sites receive hundreds or thousands of unique visitors a day, whilst others only get a handful or none. The reason is often because the web designers or Webmaster has built the site in one ‘r [Read Article]

Find Powerful Keyword Phrases in Five Easy Steps!
You may not realize it, but in the next few minutes you are going to learn one of the three most important steps to a successful pay-per-click campaign. That is, how do we find powerful keyword phrase [Read Article]

Tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your PPC ad campaigns
- Write clear and concise ad copy that tells the potential customers EXACTLY what they will find after the link is clicked. Since you have to pay cash for each and every click, you want to limit th [Read Article]

What you need to know about Google's new AdWords affiliate policy.
A lot of affiliates are selling other people's products with AdWords. This has been known as easy money, since no website is required. All you need is a ClickBank ID and you have over 10.000 produ [Read Article]

Using Award Sites to Increase Traffic
Do you want to know a little trick that some I know are using to attract thousands of visitors per year to their web sites? And the best part is it will cost you NOTHING. How's that for a good deal [Read Article]

Plan Your Way to Pay-Per-Click Campaign Success!
Have you heard the saying, "planning is everything?" Perhaps there is some truth in that saying so let’s discover how to successfully plan your pay-per-click campaign. Let’s keep this simple and cr [Read Article]

Increase Traffic to Your Blog from Search Engines - The Top 5 Tips
by Tinu Abayomi-Paul Your favorite thing about having a blog may soon be this - they naturally attract search engine traffic. Blogs already have optimized site architecture. Most are set up wi [Read Article]

There is Gold in that Spam – Search Engine Tactics for the 21st Century   by Mohammed Bhimji

There is Gold in that Spam – Search Engine Tactics for the 21st Century

It’s not often you’ll hear anyone praising spam. Until today.

Ok, ok, ok -- we all hate it. When I check my
[Read Article]

Shameless Flashers - Using Flash Tools To Create Spectacular Websites.   by David D. Deprice

Flash is a powerful technology that can help you create spectacular websites, tutorials and demos. Find out which inexpensive tools are available to you that have very low learning curve.
[Read Article]

60 Day Sandbox for Google & AskJeeves. MSN Quickest, Yahoo Next   by Mike Banks Valentine

© Copyright July 18, 2005 Mike Banks Valentine

Search engine listing delays have come to be called the Google Sandbox
effect are actually true in practice at each of four top tier
[Read Article]

5 hot tips to boost your website traffic using free tools   by Chris K.

The net is a truly remarkable place because there are so many ways of skinning a cat. The cat we are talking about here is traffic. Simply put, the higher the traffic, the more successful th [Read Article]

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Importance of High Protein and Low Fat Diet

For most high protein diets means low carbohydrates. Even body builders are not advised to go on a low carbohydrate diet as they have high protein requirements. Protein are the main source of muscle building, cell replenish and maintaining a good level of blood. In other words, proteins are the main[ Read Article]

Parenting Teenagers

Knowing that you need to better understand this topic I recommend that you take Five minutes to read what we have to say. Parenting teenagers can be either one of the best or the worst jobs in the world. It just depends on how you look at things and what your view is. If you raised your kid wi[ Read Article]

Booking a Holiday, Tour or Vacation in Brazil

In my capacity as the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours Limited, one of my jobs is to ensure every client has the best tour possible, so here are my top suggestions for sites to take in during your holiday in Brazil. Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and almost covers hal[ Read Article]

Why You Should Take Advantage Of Group Health Insurance If You Can

With so many Americans now without health insurance, it's a good thing that many of our employers still offer group health insurance as an affordable option. Unlike buying an individual or family health insurance policy, that can be very expensive going through private insurance companies, group hea[ Read Article]

Teeth Whitening in Orange County

This country is full of people who want to look their best. The people of Orange County are no different. Everyone is trying to look and feel their best, and the color of their teeth is something that has lately become very important. The process that is known as a way of teeth whitening in Orange C[ Read Article]

Finding A House For Sale In Cyprus

Many people dream of owning a house in Cyprus but it seems that only a lucky handful ever see that dream turn into any kind of reality. It's really easy to get all worked up about the benefits of property ownership whilst on holiday and even take several viewings only to go "off the boil" on return[ Read Article]


[ Read Article]

Laptop vs. desktop

Many people have trouble in deciding whether they are best going for a laptop or desktop, there are certain characteristics that you can look out for to help make that decision for you. The best thing about a laptop is being able to move it around with ease, if you work from home and in an office[ Read Article]

Do You Have Enough Insurance To Cover Yourself In The Event The Accident Is The Fault Of An Uninsured Or Under-Insured Driver?

In California, like most states, you are required to carry liability insurance on your vehicle if you plan on operating it on public thoroughfares. At present, the minimum liability coverage permitted by law is $15,000/$30,000. The $15,000 figure is a per injured party sum while the $30,000 fi[ Read Article]

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Vitamin D and Calcium Associated With Reduced Breast Cancer Risk

Calcium & Vitamin D intake may lower Breast Cancer risk You already knew that calcium and Vitamin D are important for health. But a new study by a team of researchers at Harvard Medical Center suggests that pre-menopausal women who get those nutrients either from foods or supplements are less li[ Read Article]

The ANR Pipeline System – natural gas distributed in maximum safety conditions

ANR Pipeline System and Algonquin Gas Transmission are two of the nation’s largest natural gas pipeline systems that join with other gas pipeline companies all over the world. In this manner, they form a Natural Gas Pipeline chain of the planet that provides the population the natural gas needed f[ Read Article]

CenterPoint Pipeline – integrity and professionalism

Is your company one of the Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline companies? Maybe it has something to do with the wide chain of Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline. Alternatively, it might just study its evolution on the market. No matter the category where you enter, you will find here the information that[ Read Article]

“Wrong Posting” on Myspace could be injurious to your health!

The unique concept of online community to chat, post comments, post photos, and share info about the latest happenings in their world by the members is making social networking on Myspace or Friendster boom with popularity. Young adults find the concept of myspac[ Read Article]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Options

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that causes tingling, numbness and pain in the hand and fingers. It occurs when the median nerve that runs from the forearm to hand becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist area. This nerve is what controls the sensations in the thumb, first three fingers (exc[ Read Article]

High Sugar Diet May Effect Eyesight

A diet high in sugar and starch may make the eyes more vulnerable to age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the most common cause of vision loss in the US. A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tracked dietary information from over 4,000 participants aged 55-80 or 8,0000 eye[ Read Article]

Where To Find A MySpace Background And Layout And Some Information When To Use?

Finding a MySpace background and layout to customize your profile on the community is not at all a difficult task. If you did not know something about these options, then here is one thing that you should definitely know. MySpace is the only online social networking site, which allows users to custo[ Read Article]

What It Takes To Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketing is a great way and preferred by most online entrepreneurs to start making money online. The main reason is affiliate marketing is easy to get started and it can be started with the minimum cost. Many affiliate marketers get an easy start and try to make sufficient income from a[ Read Article]

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The columbia gas transmission

Columbia is likely to continue various assessments and some removal activities that are to take place at active and even former compressor stations; other locations are also to be considered along its pipeline when it comes to several states too. Columbia has provided the official EPA with a speci[ Read Article]

Pipeline mapping services – where to get the best dominion pipeline map

Transporting liquid and gas through a system of pipelines is the most efficient way to make sure these goods reach their final destination safely. The US has one of the most complex pipeline systems in the entire world, providing an important part of the global natural gas and oil consumption. Rex[ Read Article]

Three Tips To Help You Find Low Cost Health Insurance

Finding low cost health insurance is not as easy as it sounds. I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but facts are facts and I don't want to "sugar coat" anything and then have you smacked hard with reality after you get your first few health insurance quotes. Even many small businesses have be[ Read Article]

Outlet Stores

What, exactly, is outlet shopping? Are deals really better at outlet stores than in regular stores? Where can I find an outlet mall? What Are Outlet Stores? Outlet stores are stores that carry the same or similar items to a mainstream store only at a discounted price. Oftentimes, stores ov[ Read Article]


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Bridal headwear - when and what?

There's no doubt that for a bride to be, planning her perfect wedding is a minefield of choices, tasks and stresses!! Going through it myself at the moment, I now sympathise with friends who've been through it and came out the other end with a little less hair and about 7lbs lighter!! After ha[ Read Article]

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Marketing On The Internet Will Require Strategies

Marketing on the internet is much easier that you think, but you will have to follow certain strategies to master the art. There will be many ways to market businesses on the internet. To begin with, you will need a good website if the service or product demands it. If not you can begin using variou[ Read Article]

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The drawbacks of trade of wholesale products from China

Body: We have already studied in a related article about the advantages which global sourcing, multinational purchasing and the trade of wholesale [ Read Article]


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