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Closing in the Car Business By Dave Kemp

The “P” Word.

Closing is all about helping car customers make positive decisions. It is not about pressure or manipulation.

Your customers need help overcoming the “P” word. Pr [Read Article]

How to Sell Bonds By Nick Hunter

If you want to make good money with banks, or any institution, Government and agency bonds are where it is at. Simply because all Government bonds and agencies are AAA rated, and banks can buy mi [Read Article]

All About Money By Noelle Wong

For almost everyone, nothing is as powerful as money. Because of this perception, many people would do ALL THEY CAN to hoard money.

I'm definitely not tired of money - as it is a means to a [Read Article]

10 Awesome Ways To Attract More Orders By Rojo Sunsen

1. Create a free ebook directory on a specific topic at your web site. People will visit your web site to read the free ebooks and may see your product ad.

2. Turn part of your web site in [Read Article]

Selling More With A Two-Step Approach By Joe Love

In today’s competitive business world where consumers are being hit with literally hundreds of sales messages every day the hit and run or one shot sales approach doesn’t work. Because of the Int [Read Article]

Shifting Your Mindset for Sales Success By Graham Yemm

How do you feel about selling? Ouch!! Do you want to stop reading now?

Many of you reading this will probably admit (if only to yourself) that you do not enjoy it. You probably wonder wh [Read Article]

The Importance of Your Prospecting List By Jacques Werth

As many sales managers and salespeople have discovered, the accuracy of your prospecting list is of utmost importance.

When we buy lists for our own use, or for client companies, we utili [Read Article]

How to Stop Playing Phone Tag and Close More Sales By Greg Beverly

Few things can be more frustrating for the sales professional than the proverbial game of phone tag with prospects. You know the drill…you call and leave a message, the prospect calls back and l [Read Article]

Train to Learn to Win By Dan Collins

Aligning your training to learning and matching your business goals is the ideal way to increase your business wealth. In 2004, 50 billion dollars were invested in training in the United States. [Read Article]

What If No One Ever Wrote A Book On How To Sell? By Lance Winslow

What if no one ever wrote a book on how to sell things? What if no one ever did a sales seminar or produced training videos or cassette tapes teaching people how to sell? What then? Would less it [Read Article]

Sales Process – How to Avoid Wasting Time on Prospects Who CAN'T or WON'T Buy By Alan Rigg

Do you have blind faith that, if you can somehow convince a prospect to engage in a sales cycle, you will eventually make a sale? If you do, watch out! This belief can waste your time, effort, an [Read Article]

7 Ways Television Influences Your Prospects Behavior - Leverage This Into Money In Your Pocket! By Craig Garber

Did you know, that television -- the persistent purveyor of pop culture here in America -- shapes a LOT of your prospects behavior patterns?

Here, listen to this:

1. The average US ho [Read Article]

Get Past The Gatekeeper, Into The Executive Suites By Leslie Buterin

Put pencil to paper and list every single sales-stopping objection that spews from the mouths of gatekeepers. Know what you’ll find? Literally, dozens of objections that subtly challenge the appr [Read Article]

How To Learn From a Lost Sale By Tim Hagen

Everyone has experienced the sales blues, when everything seems perfect and you are confident the sale is going to close until you hear the words, “sorry, we’re going ahead with someone else.” I [Read Article]

Business in the Days of Awe: How to Never Hear a Prospect Objection Again By Mark Silver

"How come you charge so much?" Kinda feels like a kick to the stomach, huh? This is a classic "objection" during a sales conversation with a prospective customer, and it's no fun at all.

Cu [Read Article]

When To "Dump" A Prospect -- Immediately! By Craig Garber

There are some people who will absolutely never ever succeed. Let me tell you a little story about one of them:

I was going through some feedback forms from one of my client's recent semin [Read Article]

The Right Way... And The Wrong Way... To 'Close' Your Prospects By Craig Garber

Last week I met up with an old friend of mine at one of the local cigar retailers.

The store was having a little get together for their customers, which basically means they had one of the [Read Article]

The KYSS Principle — Keep Your Sales Simple, Your Sales Closes Will Explode By Alan Boyer

The simpler you make the decision making steps for your prospects the higher your sales close ratio will go. When there are too many decisions people will procrastinate.

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Winning Beats Losing-III

What does it take to be a winner at the poker table? My grandfather, Nels, God rest his Norwegian soul, told me in clear terms that winning is just one hell of a lot better than losing. Now any old farm boy can sit down at the table and win once in a while. My grandfather was quite clear in sa[ Read Article]

The Power of Linking: 7 Strategies for Increasing In-bound Links

The popularity of your website can be directly correlated to the number of sites linking to you. In fact, search engines like Google have been built on the concept of link popularity. To win on the Internet, your website not only needs to be seen as popular, but also garner top search engine results[ Read Article]

Casino Blackjack

It should be obvious that a player never wants to bust! The problem is, when a dealer has a 7 or higher showing, odds are the dealer has a "standing hand" and will not bust. When the dealer has a 7-through-ace up, all players should hit until they reach 17 or higher. When a dealer has a bust card up[ Read Article]

Defending The Blinds In Hold 'Em

Kenny was in the only blind of $3 in a $3-$6 game of Texas Hold 'Em. He held k.-8 •. Jeff, in number six position, raised and two people called his raise. If Kenny called, it appeared there would be five people in the pot. Jeff was a good solid player. So was Ted, who was in number seven position, a[ Read Article]


L’adjonction d’une 53e carte au jeu a 52 cartes modifie évidemment complètement les probabilités de ce dernier jeu. II est facile, par des méthodes absolument semblables A celles que nous avons exposés plus haut, de calculer les probabilités et les chances du tirage a ce nouveau jeu. Ce calcul est, [ Read Article]

Weight Loss with Phentermine!!

Obesity is the name of the devil, which spreading its jaw all around the world. All efforts are being made to control the weight. A lot of research and experiments are happening to find an answer to the problem of obesity. And the result is Diet Pills, diet pills have achieved unprecedented succes[ Read Article]

Winning Strategise At Slots

Now, the reason you'll want to pay for the mega- progressives. The gravitational pull of multi-million dollar jackpots is just too much to resist, even at the cost of some percentage points in return. For many, that's the whole point of playing the slot machines in the first place. With a lot of[ Read Article]

Travel Australia coast to coast: Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth

To really see Australia, try and make time to see the east coast and the west coast. From the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Sydney to the laid back surf culture of the Gold Coast and the natural beauty of Perth in Western Australia, each state offers its own unique glimpse of this huge island continent[ Read Article]

Software Outsourcing India Is a Wise Decision

If you’re interested in developing high quality web applications that are robust and cost effective its better to contact a software outsourcing company from India. India has emerged as a major hub for software outsourcing services. The business is growing at a healthy pace of 30%

[ Read Article]

Importance to opt a Website Design Company

To get a more fruitful business from your website it is important to get your website noticed. So don't compromise on your business website, contact an established web design company. An establish Website Development Company and Website Design Company always one step ahead of the com[ Read Article]

Avoid This One Thing To Boost Your Creative Energy

No matter what your personality or profession, creativity plays a very important part in every person's financial and personal life. The right hemisphere of the brain is the creative or intuitive side, and even if you are not an artist or a musician it is still important that you have enough crea[ Read Article]

Voice Overs Help To Make Your Company Look More Successful

Somewhere along the line, many business people realize that a good way to become successful is to already appear successful. Most people are not altruistic at the core. Although you hear good natured stories of people giving a beginner a chance or patronizing a new business to help a fledgling get t[ Read Article]


Introduction In the fast moving world, people demand extremely fast internet technologies which will keep them always one step ahead. "VOIPYourLife" is an award winning product for its best customer services and other features. Customer Reviews Let's go through some re[ Read Article]

Voice Over the Internet Protocol

Voice Over Internet Protocol : --- The world is changing day by day, new and better technologies appears, and most of them are more beneficial and easier than pervious one. So there is a new technology named VOIP. it has been serving its costumers for a long tim[ Read Article]

How To Choose A Good Hotel

Whether you're going on a honeymoon, looking for a function venue, or just grabbing a couple of days out from your hectic schedule, choosing a hotel is one of the most important decisions in ensuring you have an enjoyable time. Despite the importance of finding the right hotel, it can often be quit[ Read Article]

What To Look For In A Vacation Condo?

Finding a vacation condo is never an easy task, and for the inexperienced property buyer, it can be riddled with complexity and fraught with distress. If you haven't experienced the vacation condo market, it can be quite difficult to understand what equates to good value for money, and searching fo[ Read Article]

Contemporary Kitchens Custom Design Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens
Modern or contemporary kitchens are springing up everywhere. The island connecting the kitchen to the main room is becoming the talk of the designer’s world. Professional
[ Read Article]

Exploring Ideal Railway Vacancies For Young Professionals

Young professionals throughout the United Kingdom often have a tough choice to make once they enter the work force. The balance that needs to be made in the professional world is between financial benefits and professional opportunities in the long term. Many young professionals in the railway field[ Read Article]


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