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• The Need to Have Website Design Services
In the growing internet-driven economy, your business is considered only as good quality as the website design services that you choose. Even if you are able to undercut your business competitor f [Read Article]

• Great Advantages of Printing Software
The printing software permits the users of all ages to produce tickets and other printing materials employing their own artistic talents and creativity. For instance, ticket printing software authoriz [Read Article]

• Business Cards at Your Service
In the stream of businesses it is very important to have a business card especially when you want to succeed with your business. Just like when you are outside the office meeting people, having busine [Read Article]

• Can Paper Color be counted as printing Color?
What can be the right process in choosing the right colors? Well, its quite hard to do since choosing the right process of choosing a color is one of the major problem areas of DTP image output. T [Read Article]

• Xml2PDF version 2.3 with support for WordML is released
Xml2PDF formatting engine version 2.3 May 25, 2004 Altsoft N.V. Altsoft N.V. is proud to announce the release of version 2.3 of its Xml2PDF formatting engine. The update includes: - WordML as [Read Article]

• Skip Navigation links are important
Skip Navigation Links are Important Providing links that allow the user to skip directly to content, bypassing the navigation, enhances the accessibility of your web site. This is recommended for b [Read Article]

• Save thousands of dollars by designing you own site
With the advent of the Internet a whole new vista of business has opened up. Many erstwhile opportunities otherwise not available to us, many markets which were previously inaccessible are accessible [Read Article]

• Digital Printing for artworks
Digital printing is continuously on the rise in the world of technology with the modern times. Many businesses and art graphic companies have relied on the use of digital printing. This is a breakthro [Read Article]

• Developing Your Website: 10 Tips for Getting Started
1. Be clear on your purpose. Building a website can be a long and arduous procedure if you are not sure what you are doing. However, if you have a clear focus as to what you expect your website to [Read Article]

• Why usability is important to you
Usability is the measure of the quality of a user's experience when interacting with a product or system - whether a web site, software application, mobile technology, or any user-operated device. [Read Article]

• Choosing the appropriate logo for your business
If you have your own Business Company or establishment especially if you are just starting, you should understand that in order for your company to branits way, you should appear visibly to your clien [Read Article]

• Digital Printing vs. the Traditional method in photography
For the past years our technology has been continuously evolving and it has completely improved graphics, artworks and printing. This new breakthrough in technology has made printing affordable and ea [Read Article]

• Learning Drawing for your Graphic Design
The application of graphic design has been highly in demand in the community. It is widely used in the Internet and in schools. It has been extensively applied to almost everything with regards to pra [Read Article]

• Simple steps to increase traffic to your website
Every website owner wants their website to be popular; some just might not admit to it! To increase traffic to your website, I suggest the following to start with: Unique content Visitors and Se [Read Article]

• The Newbie’s Guide to Small Business Web Design
You've got a concept for a business, are excited about putting it out on the Internet, know a little bit about computers and the Internet, but know nothing about building a web site, or web desi [Read Article]

• Building An Effective Furniture Sales Web Site
Building An Effective Furniture Sales Web Site by Jim D. Ray Web sites that feature products – especially furniture or other large items – require a careful balance of text and images to convey th [Read Article]

• How to Hire The Right Web Design Firm
How to Hire The Right Web Design Firm by Jim D. Ray Regardless whether you manage a small business, charitable organization, or Fortune 500 company, choosing the right web design firm can quickly [Read Article]

• The Quick, Easy and Affordable Way to Build a Website.
You don't have to know HTML, or break the bank to build a great-looking website. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editors have made it easy and fast. You're faced with the decision of be [Read Article]

• How To Use Color Effectively When You Create A Web Site
Colors are powerful, and create strong feelings. They can also make your web site look professional – or look like a circus. Here are some powerful tips you should use every time you create a web site [Read Article]

• When You Create A Web Site, Don't Make A Splash!
Don't make a splash! Are you thinking about using a splash page when you create a web site? You would be wise to think again. What is a splash page? Generally, it is a fancy entrance graphic [Read Article]

• Taking care of your websites   by Florie Lyn Masarate

What are the goals in making your own website? To be able to give information, share ideas and make money in the process. That is putting it mildly. How do people do it and what makes them succ [Read Article]

• Web site questions and answers   by Florie Lyn Masarate

How should it be promoted? What should it look like? Can it be done on my own or should a professional be hired to do it?
These are just some of the questions that need to be answer
[Read Article]

• Showing your true colors   by Florie Lyn Masarate

In businesses, in order to be competitive, you have to remain consistent. By this, it means consistent in the kind of services that you offer, consistent in giving the best and the finest resul [Read Article]

• The accuracy of colors   by Florie Lyn Masarate

Design experts would know that colors may appear differently from one screen to the next. So it would not be shocking for those who knew when they see their prints turning out not the same
[Read Article]

• Blaming it on the inks   by Florie Lyn Masarate

When prints do not turn out fine, the first things that people blame them into are the inks that they use. They are under the impression that inks are one of the most common factors that affect [Read Article]

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